Mojos Bottleshop

A visit to Mojo's Bottleshop is a visual treat. Our shelves are loaded with a carefully considered and rotating selection of beer, wine and spirits from small-batch local, national and international producers.

From popular local labels to hard-to-find and exciting craft beers and wines from our passionate producers. We've done the hard work for you - our wine selection is backed with years of experience and tastings to bring you the "best of the best". If we wouldn't drink it ourselves, we wouldn't sell it.

You'll find a selection at Mojo's that you won't find in your average bottleshop. Shelves filled with tasty surprises and a few hard-to-find goodies as well. Lo-Fi and minimal intervention wines are stocked and we've got Bunbury's biggest range of Pet-Nat's.

We were Australian Wine List of the Year winner in 2022 for the best selection of WA wines - backed by a three-glass national rating.

The biggest problem when visiting Mojo's Bottle Shop - is what to leave behind!

If you can't visit us personally, click below to explore our range and contact us with what you're after! We are more than happy to package those up for you and send them right to your door!

Bottleshop Opening Hours
Wednesday - Thursday
11:00 am - late

Friday - Saturday
08:00 am - late

10:00 am - late